As a Community of Christ, we serve unto others! 

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Our Mission Statement


To be a Christ centred faith community,

living out God's Word,

guided by the Holy Spirit,

welcoming all, serving others,

and reaching out to those in need.

Our Vision Statement:


A caring, Christian community of faith:



and sharing

God's love.










What does it mean?

Christ Centred:

We are Christ centred. We focus on the teachings of Jesus and the way he taught us through his behaviour. We are Christians and all that being a Christian means.

Faith Community:

We are a faith community. We share the same faith. We are an extended family. People help others in the congregation; we work together, laugh together, make messes together and clean up those messes together. We appreciate we are among friends and that church is a safe place. It is OK to agree to disagree. We still have the same core. We can work happily together.

God's Word:

We live out God's Word. St. Francis of Assisi said "At all times preach the Gospel, if necessary use words." He was telling us that our actions speak louder than words. How we live out our lives, how we show others that we are Christian, speaks clearly.


Guided by the Holy Spirit:

The Holy Spirit helped the apostles back 2000 years ago and the spirit still moves us in our day to day living. We know that when we gather that the spirit is with us. It is something that we feel.

Welcoming All:

We welcome all. From our open Communion Table to our friendly hellos, everyone is welcome to our Worship service. The United Church of Canada is inclusive. We encourage visitors to join us for Worship and fellowship. They may be attracted to do more with us.


We serve others. Jesus said "Who is your neighbour?" To serve, we run our own activities and also have outside groups use our facility. Service can be as straightforward and simple as listening sympathetically, an honest and sincere welcoming smile or having a kind word. This includes anyone we meet in our day. Or conversely, serving can be as grand as harnessing all the energy of the Reaching Out.


Reaching Out:

We need to reach out to those in need. Reaching out should be our focus. There are more needs than we can possibly meet, but we can try. Mother Theresa focused on people in need one at a time even though she knew there were millions who needed help. We need such focus. Need is a broad term and the team decided it needed to be just that. People need food, friendship, comfort, acceptance, love, warmth, care, shelter, support, a listening ear and so much more. People inside and outside our church have needs.

Port Elgin United Church

We are proud to be part of the
United Church of Canada.
We strive to be open
and available to all.
Come and grow with us in Christ!